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What is a Short Scar Facelift (MACS)?

At Richmond Aesthetic Surgery, many of our patients seek facial rejuvenation procedures to achieve a more youthful, energized appearance. While a traditional facelift is still considered to be the gold […]

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Richmond Plastic Surgeon Reveals Ideal Timing For Facelift Surgery

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Dr. Neil J. Zemmel of Richmond Aesthetic Surgery discusses facelift benefits and when patients should consider this facial rejuvenation procedure. Richmond, VA — According to Neil J. Zemmel, MD, FACS, […]

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Plastic Surgery Through the Ages: 40s, 50s, and Beyond

As discussed in our previous blog post about plastic surgery in the teenage years, 20s, and 30s, younger patients tend to show interest in such options as reconstruction, cosmetic enhancement, […]

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Plastic Surgery Through the Ages: Teenage Years, 20s, and 30s

There’s no doubt that people of all ages wish to improve certain parts of their appearance. While the specific concerns vary from person to person, our plastic surgeon, Dr. Neil […]

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Achieving Beautiful Facial Results from Subtle Changes

Dr. Zemmel recognizes his facial plastic surgery patients often want to look younger and more refreshed but don’t want a drastic change. As a result of this common goal, he […]

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Richmond Plastic Surgeon on Most Popular Surgical and Nonsurgical Trends

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Dr. Neil Zemmel reviews the latest statistics obtained by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery to see how they compare to his Richmond plastic surgery practice. Richmond, VA — […]

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Neck Rejuvenation

With age our skin loses its elasticity and begins to sag.  The skin on our neck and face are often the first to show these common signs of aging.  Dr. […]

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Richmond Plastic Surgeon Offers In-House Med Spa Treatments

Dr. Neil Zemmel provides patients with a variety of nonsurgical facial rejuvenation options Richmond, VA – Dr. Neil Zemmel offers a variety of surgical and nonsurgical facial procedures at his […]

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What Is Endoscopic Cosmetic Surgery?

Though plastic surgeons are trained to make incisions in strategic directions and positions to minimize their visibility, all plastic surgeries heal with scars. Endoscopy is a surgical technique that uses […]

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Is A Facelift Right For You?

There are many options that can be taken to preserve or maintain your youthful appearance with skincare, Botox or fillers. But sometimes, a more permanent solution is needed. Dr. Neil […]

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