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The cost of breast augmentation surgery varies depending on a number of factors, including the surgeon’s fees, the type of implants used, the location of the surgery, and other related expenses. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) reports that the average cost of breast augmentation surgery nationally in 2022 was $4,516.

While every patient has a unique treatment plan, the cost of breast augmentation in Virginia typically ranges from $7,700-$8,200. This includes the surgeon’s fee, which is influenced by the level of expertise the physician has, along with anesthesia, operating room fees, implants, and garments. Less experienced surgeons may charge less for breast augmentation, while extensively trained plastic surgeons tend to cost more.

In addition to the surgeon’s fee, the total cost of your breast augmentation will be affected by several other factors, including the geographic location of the practice, surgical facility being used, anesthesia fees, post-operative medications and garments, and more. After your consultation with Dr. Neil J. Zemmel, our team at Richmond Aesthetic Surgery will provide you with a personalized quote to help you budget for your procedure.

For more information about what may impact your breast augmentation cost, please visit the sections below.

Is Breast Augmentation Covered by Insurance?

Most health insurance providers do not offer coverage for breast augmentation or breast implant revision, due to the cosmetic nature of the procedures. For those receiving breast implants after getting a mastectomy following breast cancer, insurance is legally required to cover breast reconstruction surgery.

Do Bigger Breast Implants Cost More?

Breast implant manufacturers charge the same amount for breast implants, despite how small or large you wish to go. Therefore, the size of your saline or silicone breast implants should not affect your total cost.

Does the Type of Breast Implant Affect Cost?

Silicone breast implants are typically more expensive than saline breast implants, because medical-grade silicone tends to cost more to produce. Whereas with saline breast implants, the outer shell is composed of silicone and is filled with a sterile saline solution, which is more economical to manufacture.

Get an Accurate Quote for Your Breast Augmentation

The best way to learn how much your breast augmentation may cost is to schedule a consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon. To book your appointment, please contact Richmond Aesthetic Surgery today!

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