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Microsurgery, often used in hand reconstruction, is a complex and delicate technique used to transfer skin, bone, or muscle. This transfer requires the reconstruction of arteries and veins, making microsurgery a skill that must be performed only by a surgeon who is highly experienced, such as Dr. Neil Zemmel.

Microsurgery Procedure

Through the use of a powerful microscope and specialized tools, Dr. Zemmel is able to repair tiny blood vessels – some as small as three millimeters. This is achieved using delicate instruments such as small needles and fine sutures, requiring a keen eye and a steady hand.

Microsurgery Techniques

Free-Tissue Transfer

The technique of free-tissue transfer is generally used when performing surgery when soft tissue defects are caused by tumor surgery or trauma. The process involves the removal of muscle and connected blood vessels from one area of the body to another. The muscle’s blood supply is re-established by connecting attached veins, arteries and blood vessels to blood vessels in the area where it is being transferred.

Free-Bone Transfer

Free-bone transfer can be useful for correcting bone defects caused by trauma or tumor surgery, as well as to reconstruct non-healing bones in the body. This technique is achieved through the removal of a bone and its blood supply from a donor location in the body. The bone is then relocated to the treatment area. Once the bone has been implanted, the blood vessels are attached to the local blood supply.

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