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NBC 12 Features Dr. Zemmel for Patient’s Gender Reassignment Surgery

In a recent segment on NBC 12 News, Dr. Zemmel was featured for his work with a married couple on their journey through gender reassignment surgery. Beginning at a young age, Nic and Ryan felt out of place in their female bodies. They first met in high school and have since been transitioning together into their true gender identities. Dr. Zemmel had the privilege of performing Ryan’s female to male top surgery.

In the news segment, Dr. Zemmel discusses Ryan’s procedure, detailing the process of creating a more masculine chest by reducing and repositioning the breast tissue. Although Ryan is still recovering from his FTM top surgery, he reports that his new body allows him to be his true self for the first time, no longer having to “be an actor all the time.” Both Nic and Ryan say they feel happier and more confident as they continue to transition.

To view the NBC 12 News segment, “Trapped in the wrong body: How gender reassignment surgery helped a Richmond couple,” watch the video below:

If you have any questions about FTM top surgery and how Dr. Zemmel can help you on your journey, please contact us to schedule your consultation.

What to Expect in Female to Male Top Surgery

Female to male (FTM) top surgery is a procedure that many transgender men seek to achieve a more masculine chest appearance. This involves removing breast tissue to create a flatter, more toned shape. Patients who choose to move forward with their FTM top surgery at Richmond Aesthetic Surgery can expect friendly and supportive care throughout their entire surgical process. Dr. Neil J. Zemmel takes pride in helping these individuals obtain an appearance that better aligns with their true gender identity.

To be a good candidate for FTM top surgery, patients should be 18 years or older as well as in good physical and mental health. Based on your individual needs, Dr. Zemmel will recommend a surgical technique he believes can best help you achieve your aesthetic goals. In general, FTM top surgery patients typically undergo a simple mastectomy, with some undergoing liposuction, as well, for additional fat removal. The nipple and areola may also be either repositioned or completely removed and then grafted (free nipple graft) in the ideal location.

Everyone’s experience with FTM top surgery is different. Dr. Zemmel and his staff will help you understand what you can expect at every stage of your procedure to ensure you have realistic expectations about your results. FTM top surgery can be a big decision for many people, which is why it is our goal is to help you feel confident about your decision and maintain a positive outlook.

If you have any questions about the procedure, or are ready to set up your consultation with Dr. Zemmel, please contact our office.

Richmond Aesthetic Surgery Helps Domestic Violence Survivor

After a breast reconstruction patient shared Amanda’s* story with Dr. Neil Zemmel, he knew he had to help this woman. Amanda had been brutally beaten, sexually assaulted and for years had been living with the physical and emotional scars of this abuse. The attack was so brutal it ruptured her breast implant. For years she has suffered with physical and emotional pain. She hangs a towel over her bathroom mirror when she showers, blocking her reflection and the painful reminder. Dr. Zemmel wants to help Amanda recover and is performing a breast revision on her – a surgery that is not covered by insurance and would be out of her reach without Richmond Aesthetic Surgery’s help. Dr. Zemmel’s team is looking forward to helping Amanda with her journey to recovery.

Amanda’s story was recently featured on WWBT/NBC 12 Richmond. In the segment, she told her incredible story and explained the aftermath of the violent incident that has caused her to live with physical and emotional pain for years. During the feature, Dr. Zemmel recounted his reaction to hearing about Amanda and explained what her procedure will entail to achieve the best possible aesthetic outcome.

At the end her segment, Amanda expressed her gratitude to Dr. Zemmel and Richmond Aesthetic Surgery, saying, “It’s just wonderful to know that there’s somebody out there that cares about something that somebody’s gone through and expects nothing in return.”

Watch the NBC 12 domestic violence segment featuring Amanda’s story.

*Name of patient has been changed to protect her identity.

Richmond Aesthetic Surgery Supports Breast Reconstruction Awareness Day USA


As a plastic and reconstructive surgeon, Dr. Neil Zemmel believes that breast reconstruction is one of the most rewarding surgeries they perform. At Richmond Aesthetic Surgery, our entire team is dedicated to helping and supporting our breast cancer patients throughout their difficult journey.

As part of our continued support, we believe it is important to spread awareness to help individuals who are going through the same struggles as our current and past patients. In honor of Breast Reconstruction Awareness Day USA (BRA Day USA), we have put together a comprehensive pamphlet of information about breast reconstruction options that can be downloaded here.

October 19, 2016 marks the fifth annual BRA Day USA. BRA Day USA is sponsored by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and The Plastic Surgery Foundation, and serves as an educational opportunity to share information about breast reconstruction options and advancements.

Dr. Zemmel offers patients a choice of reconstruction through the use of a breast implant, the patient’s own tissue, or a combination of the two. To learn more about these options, or to schedule a consultation with our breast reconstruction surgeon for more personalized answers to your questions, please contact us today.

Richmond Plastic Surgeon Offers Innovative “Gummy Bear” Breast Implants

Dr. Zemmel Offers Gummy Bear Implants

Dr. Neil J. Zemmel of Richmond Aesthetic Surgery offers his patients the teardrop-shaped Natrelle 410 breast implants for lower postoperative risks and often a more natural result.

Richmond, VA — Neil J. Zemmel, MD has recently completed advanced breast surgery training under Dr. Charles Randquist of Stockholm, Sweden, a plastic surgeon known for his excellent results using Natrelle® 410 shaped textured implants. According to Dr. Zemmel, the main purpose of this continuing education endeavor was to learn the specialized techniques of using the Natrelle® 410 style of breast implants. After participating in a live surgery with Dr. Randquist, the Richmond plastic surgeon says that he can bring skills back to his private Virginia plastic surgery practice to “provide [his] patients with the most gentle surgery, ultimately leading to less bruising, swelling, and much quicker recovery.” Dr. Zemmel is one of the few surgeons to offer Natrelle® 410 breast implants for cosmetic purposes in the Richmond region.

When women are considering breast augmentation, Dr. Zemmel reviews the wide range of options available so each surgery can be customized to meet the individual’s unique needs. Although there are many types of breast implants available, the board-certified plastic surgeon highlights that the Natrelle® 410 has some distinct advantages. Often referred to as the “gummy bear” implant, Dr. Zemmel says the Natrelle® 410 is made of a highly cohesive silicone filler material that is teardrop-shaped like an anatomically correct breast for exceptionally natural results. Due to the unique shape and textured surface, he highlights that patients typically do not experience a loss of upper pole fullness. The implant also involves a higher cross-linking in its silicone material, which Dr. Zemmel explains can preserve the contour of the breast while minimizing the risk of shifting or rippling. As an added benefit, most of Dr. Zemmel’s breast augmentation patients who choose Natrelle® 410 implants experience lower rates of capsular contracture and implant rupture.

According to Dr. Zemmel’s office, there are “12 different [Natrelle® 410] models of varying heights, widths, and projections to suit your unique body structure, frame, and goals.” Using state-of-the-art VECTRA® 3-D Imaging technology, women can virtually “try on” different implants, allowing his patients to make well-informed decisions. Many of Dr. Zemmel’s patients ultimately choose the Natrelle® 410 because of the unique advantages these breast implants can provide in addition to beautiful, natural-looking results.

About Richmond Aesthetic Surgery

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Neil J. Zemmel is the founder of Richmond Aesthetic Surgery. He and his team at Richmond Aesthetic Surgery, offer their patients a full range of plastic and reconstructive surgery procedures for the breasts, body, and face. In addition, they provide a number of advanced non-surgical cosmetic enhancement procedures that can renew the health and appearance of the skin. Dr. Zemmel is a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons as well as an active member of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, and other professional organizations. He is available for interview upon request.

For more information about Richmond Aesthetic Surgery, visit,, and


Richmond Aesthetic Surgery
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Dr. Zemmel Selected for Advanced Breast Surgery Training in Stockholm


Five plastic surgeons from around the U.S. were selected to participate in an advanced breast surgery preceptorship with Dr. Charles Randquist in Stockholm, Sweden. Dr. Randquist has performed more breast enhancements using anatomic-shaped implants than any other surgeon in the world. He even has his own private 20-bed hospital in a suburb of Stockholm. The purpose of our trip to visit Dr. Randquist was to learn his world-renowned cosmetic breast surgery techniques using the anatomic highly cohesive silicone gel breast implant known as model 410.

These breast implants – also called “gummy bear” implants – hold a number of unique benefits to the patient, including:

  • Less risk of capsular contracture
  • Natural teardrop shape
  • Less rippling
  • Lower rupture rate

Considering the enhanced quality of the 410 implants, patients can ultimately achieve better outcomes from their procedure.


To further our expertise on the breast implants, we participated in a live surgery with Dr. Randquist and held a number of round table discussions to present and exchange new ideas and difficult patient cases. We discussed how to produce the most aesthetically pleasing outcome by keeping the breast in harmony, proportion, and balance with the rest of the body. We also covered advanced operative techniques to provide our patients with the most gentle surgery, ultimately leading to less bruising, swelling, and much quicker recovery. The trip was extremely productive and will only improve the care we deliver to our patients and our ultimate outcomes.

Neil J. Zemmel, MD, FACS

Richmond Plastic Surgeon Discusses the Keys to Successful Breast Augmentation Surgery

breast,augmentation,enlargement,implants,results,plastic,surgeon,richmond,dr,neil j zemmel,mdDr. Neil J. Zemmel of Richmond Aesthetic Surgery performs breast augmentation surgery for women with varying needs and goals.

Richmond, VA — Women choose to undergo breast augmentation for a wide range of reasons, says Richmond plastic surgeon Neil J. Zemmel, MD. As a result, no two breast surgery patients are the same. Some patients are simply dissatisfied with their natural breast volume while others are looking to restore fullness to their breasts after a loss of volume due to pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight fluctuations, or the natural process of aging. Dr. Zemmel says that careful attention to the patient’s needs and goals, reasonable expectations, clear doctor-patient communication, and having the procedure performed by a skilled and experienced plastic surgeon are some of the keys to successful results and patient satisfaction.

Contrary to what many people may think, Dr. Zemmel says there are no upper age limitations for breast augmentation. “When determining candidacy for breast augmentation, your overall health is much more important than your age,” notes Dr. Zemmel. Consequently, the consultation process is nearly identical for all patients and includes a physical exam, a review of the patient’s medical history, and a candid discussion of desires and expectations. Afterward, Dr. Zemmel can present each woman with recommendations based upon her unique cosmetic concerns.

During the initial consultation, Dr. Zemmel says patients will be provided with a variety of choices when it comes to deciding upon the size, shape, and type of breast implants available to them. Dr. Zemmel notes that individuals can try on various implants to see the differences, and even view the potential results of the procedure utilizing state-of-the-art VECTRA® 3-D Imaging. There are silicone and saline varieties; smooth implants and round implants; high-profile and moderate-profile options. Dr. Zemmel says that the best option for a woman’s unique needs ultimately depends not only on how much larger she wants her breasts to appear, but also how the results will enhance breast shape and overall body proportions. He says the best results are typically those that meet the patient’s goals while looking as natural as possible.

Dr. Zemmel explains that he custom-tailors each breast augmentation procedure so that the results can truly meet the needs and goals of the individual patient. In order to increase the chances that patients achieve successful results, Dr. Zemmel says, women should be sure to consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon who is experienced with breast surgery procedures and who addresses all of their questions and concerns. He notes that individuals thinking about having this procedure should also view breast augmentation before-and-after photos featuring patients treated by the plastic surgeon they are considering. Dr. Zemmel says patients who thoroughly discuss their expectations and have a comprehensive understanding of how each option can meet their needs are often happiest with their results.

About Richmond Aesthetic Surgery

Dr. Neil J. Zemmel is a board-certified plastic surgeon and the head of Richmond Aesthetic Surgery. He is a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons and a member of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, and other organizations. Dr. Zemmel offers a full range of plastic and reconstructive surgery procedures for the breasts, body, and face. The practice also offers a number of advanced non-surgical cosmetic enhancement procedures to renew the health and appearance of the skin. Dr. Zemmel is available for interview upon request.

For more information about Richmond Aesthetic Surgery, visit,, and


Richmond Aesthetic Surgery
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Richmond Plastic Surgeon Emphasizes Breast Cancer Awareness Year-Round

dr neil j zemmel,dr steven j montante,richmond plastic surgery,breast reconstruction

Neil J. Zemmel, MD of Richmond Aesthetic Surgery encourages women to be aware of breast cancer and undergo routine screenings for early detection.

Richmond, VA – Although Breast Cancer Awareness Month is coming to an end, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Neil J. Zemmel is stressing the importance of staying aware of the disease all year long. The Richmond plastic surgery team works closely with breast cancer survivors through reconstruction, and they see firsthand the impact it has on individuals’ and their families’ lives. Since early detection is the key to prompt treatment, Dr. Zemmel encourages women to perform self-examinations and undergo routine screenings.

According to the American Cancer Society (ACS), about one in eight women will be diagnosed with invasive breast cancer at some point in their lifetime. As such a prevalent and devastating disease, the ACS recommends most women undergo cancer screening at the following ages and rates:

  • Ages 40-44: can choose to undergo a cancer screening with mammograms
  • Ages 45-54: should begin getting screened every year
  • Ages 55 and older: should get mammograms every two years, or yearly if they choose

While these are general guidelines from the ACS, they may vary according to the individual’s family history and other risk factors. For example, the ACS says higher risk women can benefit from MRIs in addition to routine mammograms.

For those diagnosed with breast cancer, Dr. Zemmel explains it is important for them to be informed of his breast reconstruction options–whether they plan to undergo reconstruction or not. Unfortunately, studies have revealed the majority of those with breast cancer are not referred to a plastic surgeon prior to their cancer-related surgery. Due to this fact, Dr. Zemmel is dedicated to educating women about how reconstruction can restore a natural breast shape and potentially improve their quality of life, should they choose to move forward with it.

From getting routine cancer screenings to learning about their reconstructive options, Dr. Zemmel emphasizes the need for women to be aware of their breast health and seek information regarding their options following a cancer diagnosis.

About Richmond Aesthetic Surgery

At Richmond Aesthetic Surgery, Dr. Zemmel performs a wide range of cosmetic and reconstructive surgical care. Among the many procedures offered, the team dedicates a large portion of the practice to working with breast cancer survivors, helping them restore the breast tissue lost from a mastectomy. When a patient comes to Richmond Aesthetic Surgery in hopes of learning more about their breast reconstruction options, the team of medical professionals strives to provide care with the utmost compassion and respect. Dr. Zemmel is available for interview upon request.

For more information about Richmond Aesthetic Surgery, visit,, and


Richmond Aesthetic Surgery
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Devoted to Helping Breast Cancer Survivors Through Reconstruction

doctor-breast-cancerAccording to the American Cancer Society, approximately 12% of all women will be diagnosed with invasive breast cancer in their lifetime. This can be a devastating disease, and we feel it is our calling to help these women pick up the pieces. Our goal is to restore their form and shape through breast reconstruction to help them feel whole again.

Our team treats all of our breast cancer patients with dignity, respect, and compassion, giving priority to these women. We offer the latest and most advanced surgical techniques for reconstruction–including tissue expander with breast implant reconstruction and autologous tissue reconstruction through TRAM, DIEP, and latissimus dorsi flaps. Dr. Neil Zemmel also specializes in single stage direct-to-implant reconstruction. In properly selected patients, this avoids the need for a tissue expander and completes reconstruction in one surgery.

Of the many ways we help people at Richmond Aesthetic Surgery, taking care of breast cancer patients is one of the most intellectual and rewarding parts. We see the physical and emotional toll this disease can have on an individual and their family, which is why we are devoted to helping breast cancer survivors through compassionate care as they decide whether or not reconstruction is right for them.

To learn about your breast reconstruction options, and which technique may be best for your needs, please contact us to schedule your consultation. Our board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Zemmel would be honored to help you as you continue your road to recovery.

Richmond Plastic Surgeon Exclusively Selected to Offer Newly Released Breast Implants

plastic surgeon,breast implants,breast revision,breast augmentation,dr zemmel

Neil J. Zemmel, MD, FACS has been chosen by Allergan as one of only 52 plastic surgeons in the country to offer the newly released Natrelle Inspira™ gel breast implants.

Richmond, VA – Dr. Neil J. Zemmel, board-certified plastic surgeon and founder of Richmond Aesthetic Surgery, was exclusively selected by Allergan to offer the newly released Natrelle Inspira™ gel implants. This makes him one of only 52 plastic surgeons in the U.S. to be chosen by Allergan, prior to the implants being available to the rest of the industry. Dr. Zemmel feels proud to have been selected based on his expertise and is honored to be part of the preliminary group of surgeons to offer the advanced implant option.

The Natrelle Inspira™ breast implants are a new smooth, round silicone gel option that has been approved by the FDA. They are composed of the same gel that is found in the current generation of silicone implants. The difference, however, is this new version can be filled to a greater volume for the purpose of reducing the risk of rippling.

Dr. Zemmel is pleased to utilize Allergan’s latest implant design, and he believes it will offer even greater potential for women wishing to add or restore volume to their breasts. He says the Natrelle Inspira™ will also be a great option for those in need of a breast revision due to aging implants needing to be replaced.

With so many women interested in breast augmentation at his practice, Dr. Zemmel looks forward to offering another solution to more personally tailor the popular cosmetic procedure to each patient’s specific goals.

About Neil J. Zemmel, MD, FACS

Dr. Zemmel received his Bachelor of Science at the College of William and Mary, and he continued to the University of Virginia School of Medicine, where he earned his medical degree. He then completed graduate medical training in both an internship and residency in General Surgery at the Medical College of Virginia, Department of Surgery. Dr. Zemmel then attended the Virginia Commonwealth University Medical Center to complete a residency in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. To stay up-to-date on the industry’s latest trends, he continuously conducts research, makes presentations, and authors publications on a variety of medical topics. Dr. Zemmel is also a member of several professional organizations including the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the American Burn Association, and the Medical Society of Virginia. He is available for interview upon request.

For more information about Richmond Aesthetic Surgery, visit,,, and


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