Achieving Beautiful Facial Results from Subtle Changes

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photo1Dr. Zemmel recognizes his facial plastic surgery patients often want to look younger and more refreshed but don’t want a drastic change. As a result of this common goal, he employs the approach of “doing the most with the least.” He strives to make a significant improvement in a patient’s appearance through conservative means to avoid an overdone outcome.

To preserve a person’s natural appearance, Dr. Zemmel focuses on restoring what has been lost from the aging process. Rather than addressing each concern, he considers what changes have occurred over the years and how to correct the patient’s major concerns. By tailoring the consultation and treatment to each individual, Dr. Zemmel can determine which procedure or combination of procedures can most effectively help the patient achieve their aesthetic goals. In some instances, he can even limit incisions, such as when employing lifting techniques with facial fat grafting.

Overall, Dr. Zemmel’s goal is to make a positive impact on each patient’s facial concerns through minor treatments. This allows him to provide subtle yet meaningful changes that patients are proud to show off.

If you would like to learn more about options for achieving a natural, youthful facial appearance, please contact us today to schedule your consultation.