How Can I Get Rid of My Double Chin?

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Many people worry that having a “double chin” makes them look overweight or takes away from their appearance. While this fullness under the chin can be associated with weight gain, it’s actually very common among healthy individuals, as well. This is a trouble area that can hold onto excess fatty tissue, making the jawline and upper neck lose definition. For those unhappy with submental fullness—the term often used to describe a double chin—there are multiple treatment options available for achieving a more contoured neck profile.

At Richmond Aesthetic Surgery and the Dermlounge, our team offers non-surgical double chin treatment through KYBELLA® injections, which metabolize the excess fat, and CoolSculpting®, which destroys fat cells by crystalizing them. For more advanced fat removal, patients can opt for liposuction to surgically extract fat cells. Keep in mind that while the concern of a double chin is often caused by excess fat, some patients simply have loose skin contributing to the full appearance. In these cases, a neck lift or skin tightening procedure will be necessary to create a more sculpted upper neck area.

Want to get rid of your double chin? Contact us to learn which treatment option is most appropriate for your unique needs.