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Dr. Zemmel Discusses Transgender Surgery with Newsradio 1140 WRVA

In an interview with Newsradio 1140 WRVA, Dr. Zemmel discusses the increase in demand for transgender surgeries and why Richmond, VA is a destination to have these procedures done. Dr Zemmel explains, “My job as a physician is to assist these patients in becoming the people that they want to be” and “to give them safe, reliable operations.” Listen to the full interview below.

Richmond Aesthetic Surgery to Help Domestic Violence Survivor

After hearing the touching story of Amanda*—a victim of domestic violence who had been brutally beaten —Dr. Neil Zemmel wanted to help her recover from some of the aftermath of her past. Dr. Zemmel will be working with Amanda to perform breast revision surgery at no cost to replace the implant that had ruptured as a result of her attack. They look forward to helping her restore her appearance to resemble what it once was before her life-threatening encounter.

Amanda’s story will be shared by WWBT/NBC 12 Richmond on Thursday, February 2nd at 5pm for those who would like to learn more about her incredible journey. Throughout the day, NBC 12 will be offering a domestic violence hotline, as well as have counselors available on-site.

*Name of patient has been changed to protect her identity.Richmond Aesthetic Surgery to Help Domestic Violence Survivor

Richmond Aesthetic Surgery Featured on The Doctors

Over the past six months, our team has proudly discussed the details of our patient Austin—a young man who our surgeons performed extensive body contouring after weight loss pro bono. Today, we are excited to announce that our entire team was able to travel to Los Angeles for Austin’s final reveal on the medical-themed talk show “The Doctors,” which aired on November 11th.
In the show’s segment, Austin shared that he had lost almost 170 pounds from diet and exercise, but he still suffered from nearly 10 pounds of excess skin covering his new body. To help the inspiring teenager, our board-certified plastic surgeons volunteered to perform his procedures free of charge. During the episode, Dr. Neil Zemmel, and Megan Goff, PA-C were featured to share the details of his procedures.

Austin underwent two skin removal surgeries. The first was a belt lipectomy, which involved the removal of skin from his lower abdomen around to his flanks and lower back (similar to a tummy tuck). The second surgery was an upper body lift that entailed skin removal and tightening from the chest, around his pectoral areas, and extending to the back area.

Dr. Zemmel described this surgical process as more than just cosmetic—it was a reconstruction to restore function to his body that had been covered with a significant amount of excess skin. Austin and his mother had nothing but rave reviews about their experience at Richmond Aesthetic Surgery, and we are proud to have helped such an inspiring young man in his journey to be his healthiest self.
In the words of Austin’s mother: “He’s there, after lots of hard work and thanks to the entire team at Richmond Aesthetic Surgery—that whole staff from beginning to end has been fabulous. We couldn’t have asked for a better surgeon team at all.”

To view Austin’s and our surgical team’s feature on “The Doctors,” feel free to watch the video below:

Richmond Aesthetic Surgery Recently Featured on NBC12

We are excited to be a part of Austin’s weight loss transformation and the feedback from our local community has been tremendous since Austin first appeared on the ‘The Doctors’ earlier this year. Our local NBC affiliate recently interviewed Austin and Dr. Zemmel to learn how Dr. Zemmel and Megan helped change Austin’s life for the better. Click here to watch the story.NBC News Story

How Zwivel™ Is Changing Cosmetic Surgery: NYT Article

woman on lap top

As one of the first practices to incorporate Zwivel™ in 2015, Richmond Aesthetic Surgery has helped numerous patients learn if a procedure is right for them before ever having to step inside a plastic surgery office. This virtual consultation app has become an “invaluable tool,” says Dr. Zemmel in a recent article by The New York Times. Read more about Zwivel™ and what our plastic surgeon had to say in “Cosmetic Surgery That’s Just a Click Away.”

Major Weight Loss Surgery Performed for “The Doctors”

richmond doctors

As mentioned in a previous blog post, our plastic surgeon, Dr. Neil Zemmel, was featured on the Emmy Award-winning talk show “The Doctors” earlier this month to present a major weight loss surgery patient case. He volunteered to perform body contouring for Austin, a young man who had lost half his body weight, to address his resulting excess skin. After assessing Austin’s physical needs, Dr. Zemmel determined he required a belt lipectomy, also known as a body lift, to reveal the much healthier, toned body hiding underneath.
The procedure was just recently performed, and Dr. Zemmel successfully removed the excess skin around his abdomen, trunk, and legs. Austin is now recovering from his body lift, and our team is excited to share more details of his progress in the future. His follow-up segment on The Doctors will be filmed and featured in September, so make sure to follow us on Facebook to stay updated on Austin’s journey!

Dr. Zemmel Removes Extra Skin For Man After Weight Loss

Austin, a teenager from Virginia, appeared on a recent episode of “The Doctors” and told his major weight loss story. According to Austin, after trading sports for video games and fast food, he began to gain a significant amount of weight. This change led to bullying by his classmates, nicknames, and the feeling that his weight was becoming his whole identity. At his peak weight, he reached 324 pounds.

Fortunately, Austin found the inspiration to change his diet and begin a fitness and exercise routine, which caused him to lose half his body weight. The after-effects that many people may not realize, however, is that dramatic weight loss often leaves the person with a significant amount of excess skin, even after all of these lifestyle changes. To help achieve a more tightened and toned appearance, body contouring after major weight loss can be the final step to transforming the body and boosting self-confidence.

After all of his hard work, Austin still carried about ten pounds of excess skin, and the surgery to remove this skin is not covered by health insurance companies. Dr. Neil J. Zemmel was so impressed by Austin’s resolve to live a healthier lifestyle that he offered free body contouring for this special teen who was dedicated to improving his life. Dr. Zemmel will be documenting the surgery, allowing details about the process to be shared for Austin’s big reveal during his segment on the show!

If you are interested in learning how body contouring after weight loss could help you achieve your goals, please contact our office today.

Dr. Zemmel Discusses Zwivel, a New Online Consultation Tool with ‘THE Aesthetic Guide’

zemmel-zwivel-interviewRecently, Dr. Neil Zemmel – our board-certified plastic surgeon – was interviewed by “THE Aesthetic Guide” in regard to an innovative virtual consultation program known as Zwivel. Using this new online portal, patients interested in cosmetic surgery can now contact a prospective plastic surgeon from their computer and/or Internet-compatible mobile device, effectively initiating a pre-screening process that helps determine if the individual would be a good candidate for a particular aesthetic procedure.

Start Your Zwivel Consultation Now

Integrated within a practice’s website, Zwivel enables patients to detail their needs and goals; upload photos and videos that exemplify their unique cosmetic concerns; and answer basic inquiries regarding their medical history, budget for surgery, and availability for treatment/recovery. The solicited surgeon can then evaluate the patient’s information and respond accordingly. Once both parties are satisfied, a comprehensive in-person consultation can be scheduled.

In the article, Dr. Zemmel is quoted saying, “Zwivel’s abilities run pretty deep. It lets us bring the practice to the patient, and it gives them a really good feel for what we do….In addition, I have never before seen such a positive response to a program from both physicians and patients. It introduces efficiency into a process that is traditionally very inefficient.”

Ultimately, Dr. Zemmel states that Zwivel is not a substitute for a doctor-patient consultation conducted in person, but it can be an excellent starting point for ensuring the individual has realistic expectations for cosmetic plastic surgery.

To read the full article published in “THE Aesthetic Guide”, click here.

Start Your Online Consultation Through Zwivel

If you are interested in plastic surgery of the face, breasts, and/or body, begin your Zwivel online consultation or contact Richmond Aesthetic Surgery today.

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