Can Exercise Reduce Large Male Breasts?

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Having enlarged or overdeveloped breasts is a condition many men suffer from, often making them feel self-conscious about their appearance. While exercise can help some men contour their chest, it is not always an effective treatment. The breasts are made up of fatty and glandular tissues, and the specific ratio of these will ultimately determine the most beneficial treatment option for an individual.

Men with a fuller breast appearance that’s caused by excess fatty tissue most likely have a condition known as pseudogynecomastia. Diet and exercise can be helpful for treating this problem, helping reduce the size of the enlarged tissue. Men with excess glandular tissue, on the other hand, have what’s known as gynecomastia. This condition can be caused by a variety of factors, including medications, steroids, or hormones. The best way to treat gynecomastia is through male breast reduction surgery.

If you have enlarged breasts that have not responded to a healthy lifestyle, Dr. Zemmel can evaluate whether you are a candidate for the male breast reduction procedure. To schedule your consultation and learn how you can achieve a more masculine chest appearance, please contact Richmond Aesthetic Surgery.