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Breast Augmentation Revision Patient 3

Age: 55 years
Height: 5’ 1”
Weight: 125 pounds
Preop: 36 C
Postop: 36 D
Implant Size:  400 cc smooth round moderate plus silicone
Incision/Location: inframammary, submuscular pocket reassignment
Notes:  This patient was found to have ruptured silicone implants by MRI which required explantation.  Her original implant were place over 30 years ago elsewhere.  The patient desired replacement with new silicone implants.  The original implants were placed in the subglandular position (on top of the pectoralis muscle).  A pocket reassignment to the submuscular position was performed (the implant was placed under the muscle).  The previous subglandular pocket was closed with sutures.  The overall breast is more natural, more symemetric, and portional to her body shape. This patient is shown shown 6 months after surgery.