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Breast Augmentation Revision Patient 2

Age: 44 years
Height: 5’ 4”
Weight: 110 pounds
Preop: 32 D/DD
Postop: 32 D/DD
Implant Size: 450 cc Left 475 cc Right smooth round high profile silicone implants
Incision/Location: Previous inframammary incision used, submuscular
Notes: This patent underwent previous breast augmentation elsewhere in 1999 with texture saline implants with a fill volume of 450 cc on both sides. She experienced deflation of the left implant and presented for revision. Both implants where replaced through the previous inframammary incision and placed in the submuscular (beneath the muscle) position. The upper portion of the breast pocket (superior capsulotomy) and inner portion (medial capsulotomy) were opened to shift the implant into a more favorable position. This gave a smoother upper pole contour and significantly narrowed the distance between both breasts. She has an overall much more pleasing breast contour. Patient shown 3 months after surgery.