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Emily’s Breast Reconstruction Experience

“I came to Dr. Zemmel because I was a BRCA 1/BRCA 2 genetic positive for cancer so I made the decision to do a mastectomy and a reconstruction. Dr. Zemmel did my reconstruction and he did a marvelous job. I have no words to express how thankful I am of the job he did to me. Going through it with him as my doctor made it easier. He made me feel comfortable, special, like I was his number 1 patient. His staff is great. His clinic is great. I have nothing negative to say about his clinic and his work. Everything was great and the made me feel [like] the most wonderful person. And we really do thank the staff and primarily Dr Zemmel for doing the job that he did on myself.”

Emily had a prophylactic mastectomy and tissue expander and implant based reconstruction. She is about 34 years old. Please visit our breast reconstruction page for more information.

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