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There are several stages of breast reconstruction for cancer, and nipple reconstruction is usually one of the last ones if you choose to have it. The skin on the reconstructed breast is used to create a nipple. Several small incisions are made on the front surface of the breast and three triangular skin flaps are raised. These triangles are wrapped together to make the new nipple. In the first weeks after nipple reconstruction is completed, the size of the nipple will shrink due to natural wound healing. Once the nipple is fully healed, it is unlikely to change any further.
The areola is then tattooed at a final stage and the pigments are matched to your original areolar skin tone. While the nipple is created for aesthetic purposes, insurance coverage is federally mandated. This includes nipple tattooing. Most insurance carriers cover both of these procedures. Breast and nipple reconstruction can truly make a woman feel “complete” after their journey through breast cancer and breast reconstruction. Please contact Richmond Aesthetic Surgery to discuss what options are best for you – we are here to help!