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Facial Rejuvenation Patient 8

Patient is a 38 year old woman who presented with complaints of loss of facial volume with hollowing around her eyes. In addition, she was unhappy with mild jowling and neck fullness as well as “tired” looking eyes. She was unhappy with the results of her skin care and used injectables regularly. She desired a more lasting treatment of her facial aging. She was a perfect candidate for the MODA surgical procedures, which provides a more invasive treatment of facial aging with minimal downtime. Her procedure consisted of facial fat grafting, lower eyelid “pinch” blepharoplasties, and liposuction of the neck and along the jowls. She also underwent a fractional CO2 resurfacing. She is seen 8 months at the completion of her procedures, with an age-appropriate, natural appearance. She is thrilled with her results and the short recovery that was involved with her procedure.