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Fat Transfer Patient 1

34 year old who underwent previous breast augmentation with 300cc textured saline filled implants placed in the submuscular plane via an inframammary incision. She presents with breast asymmetry and dissatisfaction with her appearance. The right breast is narrow with lateral rib show. She also has asymmetry of the upper breast poles, and volume differences between the breasts. She also is desiring contour improvement of the abdominal wall and flanks.

Revision breast augmentation with implant exchange from saline to silicone was performed. 485 cc Allergan SRM silicone implants were placed via a periareolar approach. The superior and lateral portions of the pocket were reopened to improve contour. Both implant pockets were rounded to give a more symmetric shape. This improved upper breast fullness and improved cleavage. Liposuction of the abdomen and flanks was performed and 170 cc of autologous fat was transferred to both breasts. This improved tissue thickness, added volume, and smoothed the contour of each breast.
She is shown 4 months after surgery and is very pleased with her result.