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Breast Augmentation Revision Patient 37

This 42 year old patient underwent previous saline breast augmentation 4 years prior done elsewhere. She presented with capsular contracture of her left implant and upper pole displacement. She also complained of lower displacement on the right. Revision was performed with implant exchange for a slightly larger silicone implant and pocket revision. Capsulotomy was performed along the inner and upper portions of the pocket to improve contour on the right. A capsulorraphy laterally and inferiorly was performed on the right to bring the pocket to a higher more medial position. On the left a total capsulectomy (complete removal of the capsule) was performed. Acellular dermal matrix was also placed in the lower pole to reduce the risk of recurrent capsular contracture. Her new silicone implants are softer with less rippling. Her symmetry is much improved, and her implants are in a much more aesthetic balanced position. She is now shown 6 months after surgery and is very pleased with her new result.