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Breast Augmentation Revision Patient 28

Age: 35 years
Height: 5’ 8”
Weight: 115 pounds
Preop: 34 C
Postop: 34 C
Implant Size:  Allergan Inspira Style SRM R 405cc L 360 cc
Incision/Location: Periareolar, submuscular
Notes: This patient underwent breast augmentation via an inframammary incision in 2011 with 360 cc saline implants placed under the muscle elsewhere. She was displeased and underwent revision by the same surgeon in 2012 with a pocket revision and implant replacement. She then experienced tightening of the left breast, shape distortion with superior subluxation of the left implant and grade 3 capsular contracture. She also experienced lateral subluxation of the right implant.

She present to Dr. Zemmel for revision in 2016. Bilateral revision augmentation via a periareolar incision was performed. The pockets were revised with a inferior and lateral capsulorraphy on the right side. This raised the right breast crease and prevented the implant from falling to the side of her chest.  The left breast capsule was completely removed to relieve the tightness and pain. The left breast crease was also raised with a capsulorraphy to improve symmetry. Her implants were replaced with silicone implants to improve texture and feel. To optimize symmetry two different implants were used. She is shown 5 months after surgery and is very pleased with her outcome. She has excellent symmetry. Her implants are soft and she is pain free.