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Breast Augmentation Revision Patient 17

Age: 44 years
Height: 5’ 6”
Weight: 160 pounds
Preop: 36 D
Postop: 36 D/DD

Implant Size: 450 cc moderate plus silicone implants
Incision/Location: inframammary, submuscular pocket reassignment
Notes: This patient underwent silicone breast augmentation in 1991 elsewhere via an inframammary subglandular approach. In recent years she has noticed progressive hardening of both implants with the left worse than the right. She also has experienced severe shape distortion of the left implant with superior and lateral subluxation. She presented to Dr. Zemmel for implant replacement and improvement in shape and texture.

Bilateral implant exchange was performed through her previous inframammary incision. Both implants were found to be ruptured upon removal. Complete capsulectomy (removal of the old capsule) was performed. Pocket reassignment to the submuscular plane was performed using smooth round moderate plus profile 450 cc silicone implants. The patient desired a natural tear drop shape to the breast and wished to avoid any further incisions. She therefore declined a concurrent breast lift.

She is shown 4 months after surgery with a natural, symmetric result. Her breasts are soft, and her implants are mobile. She is very comfortable and pleased with her new look.