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Lumpectomy Defect Reconstruction Patient 4

This is a 54 year old woman with a history of infiltrating ductal carcinoma of the left breast who elected to undergo breast conservation therapy with a lumpectomy involving the nipple and subsequent postoperative chemotherapy and radiation. The lumpectomy defect was reconstructed using a right latissimus dorsi skin-muscle flap. The skin portion of the flap was used to fill the skin defect where the original nipple was located. Following her radiation therapy, she underwent a nipple reconstruction by a local skin flap.

Preoperative: Following the initial latissimus dorsi skin-muscle flap reconstruction and postoperative radiation therapy.

Postoperative: Results after nipple reconstruction. Skin flaps, raised from the skin used to fill the lumpectomy defect, are rearranged to form a nipple. The patient was pleased with the appearance of the nipple and surrounding skin and declined additional tattooing.