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Lumpectomy Defect Reconstruction Patient 3

This is a 28-year-old woman with 44DD cup breasts who presented with an infiltrating ductal carcinoma of the left breast. She elected to undergo breast conservation therapy with postoperative chemotherapy and radiation. Due to the large shape of her breasts, and her desire to obtain smaller breasts, the lumpectomy was designed with a breast reduction pattern. Because of anticipated volume loss with radiation therapy, a conservative reduction of the left breast was planned in conjunction with a simultaneous right breast reduction. In this procedure, the breast surgeon and Dr. Montante worked together to remove the cancer. She is shown 4 months after

Preoperative: Her preoperative breast shape is ideally suited for a breast reduction

Postoperative: Results following left lumpectomy through a breast reduction pattern and a right breast reduction for symmetry. She had significant ongoing volume loss and some delayed wound healing due to the radiation therapy. Patient was pleased with results despite mild asymmetry. She underwent no further reconstruction.