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Abdominoplasty Patient 23

42 year old requesting cosmetic enhancement of abdomen and treatment of hypertrophic scarring of the abdominal wall. This woman sustained severe to the abdominal wall including traumatic hernia and evisceration of the left lower quadrant. She underwent emergency surgery and then multiple subsequent operations via midline, left lower quadrant, and lower transverse incision. She has severe excess skin, multiple thickened depressed scars, and deformity of the entire abdominal wall. Full abdominoplasty, oblique muscle plication (muscle tightening), and scar revision was offered. She is shown 6 months after surgery with a very satisfactory result. Her abdomen is flatter, tighter, with a youthful contour. The lower transverse and midline incisions were revised and most of the left lower quadrant incision was removed. She is extremely pleased with her results and has stated this surgery has helped her move past her original injuries. Breast reduction was also performed at the same time.