Can I Change My Breast Implant Size After My Initial Surgery?

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happy-woman-runningBreast augmentation is not only one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures – it has a significantly high satisfaction rate as well. At Richmond Aesthetic Surgery, Dr. Neil Zemmel is committed to helping patients reach their desired outcome by listening to their goals, assessing their needs, and creating a custom treatment plan based on these details. To ensure patients receive their ideal size, Dr. Zemmel has them try on implants under their clothes at least twice before surgery. His goal is to make sure they are completely happy with their results. Due to the extent of this consultation process, there is an extremely low revision rate at our practice. In fact, greater than 98% of the revisions Dr. Zemmel performs are patients coming from other practices or surgeons.

Despite where they received their initial surgery, or how long ago it was, Dr. Zemmel fully tailors the surgical details of their breast revision to ultimately help them achieve their goal size. If a patient wishes to go larger, he will help them find the appropriate implant size that can provide a balanced, natural-looking result. Should they want to decrease their implant size, Dr. Zemmel carefully creates a revision plan to ensure the smaller implant will not cause unwanted sagging of the breast tissue. If a patient desires a significant decrease, a breast lift may be necessary in addition to their implant exchange to achieve optimal results.

For more information about breast revision surgery, please contact us to schedule your consultation with Dr. Zemmel.