Dr. Zemmel Removes Extra Skin For Man After Weight Loss

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Austin, a teenager from Virginia, appeared on a recent episode of “The Doctors” and told his major weight loss story. According to Austin, after trading sports for video games and fast food, he began to gain a significant amount of weight. This change led to bullying by his classmates, nicknames, and the feeling that his weight was becoming his whole identity. At his peak weight, he reached 324 pounds.

Fortunately, Austin found the inspiration to change his diet and begin a fitness and exercise routine, which caused him to lose half his body weight. The after-effects that many people may not realize, however, is that dramatic weight loss often leaves the person with a significant amount of excess skin, even after all of these lifestyle changes. To help achieve a more tightened and toned appearance, body contouring after major weight loss can be the final step to transforming the body and boosting self-confidence.

After all of his hard work, Austin still carried about ten pounds of excess skin, and the surgery to remove this skin is not covered by health insurance companies. Dr. Neil J. Zemmel was so impressed by Austin’s resolve to live a healthier lifestyle that he offered free body contouring for this special teen who was dedicated to improving his life. Dr. Zemmel will be documenting the surgery, allowing details about the process to be shared for Austin’s big reveal during his segment on the show!

If you are interested in learning how body contouring after weight loss could help you achieve your goals, please contact our office today.