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Head and Neck Reconstruction

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Reconstruction of the head and neck is an integral part of plastic surgery. Dr. Neil J. Zemmel at Richmond Aesthetic Surgery provides these services to the greater Richmond community. Patients usually seek head and neck reconstruction for a number of reasons, the most common being for trauma or for cancer.


Our board-certified plastic surgeon provides reconstructive services of the head and neck for patients who have experienced trauma.

Each patient may have individual circumstances, and our surgeon will provide you with the highest level of patient care. Often our patients require the following treatments:

Laceration Repair

Our surgeon will repair both minor and major lacerations throughout the entire body. Typically, however, the head and neck area is most common. Immediate laceration repair typically occurs in the emergency room or in the office setting. Dr. Zemmel will provide the highest quality plastic surgical closure of the wounds. This usually entails cleansing the wound, removing any devitalized tissue, potentially reorienting the scar to a more favorable position, and closing the wound using gentle, meticulous technique. Our surgeon will use suture material that is the least reactive and will likely produce the best scar possible.

Fracture Repair

Patients experiencing motor vehicle accidents, falls, or other severe blunt trauma to the head and neck may suffer from fractures of the facial bones or jaw. Sometimes the injury is an isolated fracture of a bone without injury to the other vital structures of the head and neck, while other times the injuries are more extensive and require multiple physicians to treat the injuries. The common fractures addressed by our surgeon are:

Cancer Reconstruction

Reconstruction of the head and neck for cancer is a vast and complex topic, and Dr. Zemmel will discuss all of your options for your reconstruction during your initial consultation. Reconstruction of the head and neck depends on a number of important factors, each of which will be discussed in detail. Factors that affect your treatment are the type of cancer, its location and severity, your overall health status, and whether or not you will receive chemotherapy and/or radiation. The options for reconstruction of head and neck defects are:

Dr. Zemmel will perform a complete history and physical during your initial consultation. He will also review your entire range of options and together you will select an option that is right for you.

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